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3I.P. Da MaN

I.P. Da MaN


Why He's in the Top 4:  
He straight set the mic on fire for the track "Summer's Ours" that lead to him being featured on HeatSeekers.  This lead to his The Foundation mixtape being featured on our site, and it was heralded as one of the best from a rising artist.  He then followed it up with his collabo tape with Easy Redd Kray.  With a flow that satiate's the hardcore backpackers crowd, and beats that get the kids up in the club, this rapper is a force.  Like he says, you're a fan of Euroz, you just might not know it yet, but we certainly do.  

Artist Bio:
Euroz is a 23 year old rapper from Las Vegas. His buzz continues to grow with the release of The Foundation and Kray mixtapes. All he asks, is that you Don't Sleep.  

Here's the track that landed him on Heat Seekers - Summer's Ours Feat. J. Dunn

Check out the tape that started it all The Foundation

Be sure not to miss his latest tape, the thumping Kray

Why He's in the Top 4:
M-Nat has melodies and flows to spare, as evidenced by his new mixtape DreamCity: The Patience. He has original production on the cohesive tape and a voice you'll want to listen too, which is always important for an upcoming rapper--plus he's honest, which is refreshing. He definitely knows what he's doing on the mic, and we continue to enjoy it.  It's no surprise he sits atop The Final 4. 

Artist Bio:
My name is M-Nat and Im a rapper/songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I been rapping since I was 14 years old and I just want to be the voice for my generation. My music is based on everyday things we all go through. My influences include 2Pac, Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas. I'm working everyday to be a better MC. Most Respected. Least Expected

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Patient"

Also check out his new mixtape DreamCity: The Patience

Be sure to check out the joint that landed him in the Top 4 "Find My Way" - 

Why He's in The Top 4: 

First off, it's the voice.  Flowing over a track simultaneously smooth and rough, when I.P. rhymes, it seems effortless.  This Spanish-American has a distinct voice that borders on "guttural" (think a less-raspy Lloyd Banks) and somehow manages to compliment a whip-banger as well as a slowed down club number.

Artist Bio:

Twenty-five year old I.P., who is of Spanish and African-American decent, has been rapping since he was a teenager. For the past year he has been “in the lab” developing a new sound, and launching the Vursityle Records (VR) label, with his business partner and VR’s CEO, Nich Caronna. Already with some success under his belt, I.P. has travelled the US performing on a 29 state tour with Dynasty Record’s, and worked with notables in the rap game such as Lil Flip, X1 (brother of famous rapper Sticky Fingers), The Audibles, and more. A mix of hip hop, R&B, and pop beats, he is “blessed to have a voice, and diversity of music.” His sound has been compared to heavyweights like Ludacris, Drake, and TI because of his powerful tone and genius wordplay. “It’s a 5 lane freeway, I go where ever I want [in my music] and feel comfortable with it.” His detailed story-lines evoke emotion and resonance with listeners. It is important to him to “create something that people can relate to.” He says his “music has to have substance.” You can tell he has been through things in his life by the way he raps. I.P. got his name when recording as a teenager with his friend O.E., a.k.a. Tyerre White, who is famous 70’s disco crooner Barry White’s grandson. O.E. titled him ‘Impatient’ one day when they were working in the studio, and it stuck.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Timeless"


Also make sure to check out the visuals for his tune "They Don't Know" 

Don't miss the tune that landed him in the Top 4, the banger "Knock Her Down" - 

Why They're in the Top 4: 

After topping the final week of HeatSeekers, this talented tandem followed it up with a place in The Top 4.  The duo that call themselves YupThoseGuys pride themselves on making "Good Hip-Hop." That basic description really does describe their sound-- it's fundamental hip-hop. It's not pop-infused or taking on other trends that are current in the game. These two dudes stick to classic flowing over hard beats. Yup, those guys are pretty solid.

Artist Bio:

Those Guys, J.Al and Jova, are a hip-hop duo from Cincinnati. They are known for their relentless guerrilla promotion, creative marketing, and crowd pleasing live performance. They make, perform, and believe in their brand, Good Hip-Hop Music. The difference between them and the rest... heart.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "You Ain't Know"

As well, check out the visuals to go along with their track "You Ain't Know"

Be sure to check out the tune that landed them in the Top 4 "Very Scared" - 


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