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Why we like YupThoseGuys: 

The duo that call themselves YupThoseGuys pride themselves on making "Good Hip-Hop." That basic description really does describe their sound-- it's fundamental hip-hop. It's not pop-infused or taking on other trends that are current in the game. These two dudes stick to classic flowing over hard beats. Yup, those guys are pretty solid.

Artist Bio:

Those Guys, J.Al and Jova, are a hip-hop duo from Cincinnati. They are known for their relentless guerrilla promotion, creative marketing, and crowd pleasing live performance. They make, perform, and believe in their brand, Good Hip-Hop Music. The difference between them and the rest... heart.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "You Ain't Know"

As well, check out the visuals to go along with their track "You Ain't Know"

Why we like Dope Fantasy: 

Dope Fantasy definitely have an imaginative feel to their sound. "Fantasy" is quite an accurate description. The beats are often ethereal and dreamy, just like "Summer Madness," and "By The Sea." Coming from the Chi, this group definitely have some good hip-hop influences surrounding them. It seems like they incorporate a bit of everything into their music, for an all-around unique listening experience.

Artist Bio:

Dope Fantasy is a diverse group from the south side of Chicago. They all bring a unique dynamic to the group and are talented lyricists. For these guys there is no such thing as trap, hip hop etc. They rap about any and every subject and bring a different feel to each song. (Jay R, L's, Peace ,Kool)

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Summer Madness"

Also check out another song from Dope Fantasy, "By The Sea"

Why we like We Be The Team: 

Infectious is one word to describe this team of three.  Emcees F1RST and SRN combine with their producer WhoDunIt to produce party popping bangers.  It's the versatility of the group that sets them apart.  You can hear their tunes in a club, in your ride, or on your girl's iPod and they are all a fit.  Expect big things on the horizon for this Seattle trio. 

Artist Bio:

We go by The T.E.A.M. (Tell Everyone About Me); our group is made up of two MCs, F1RST and SRN, and a producer WhoDunIt all hailing from Seattle, WA. We started working with each other in 2010 but all have had prior music backgrounds in multiple genres which I think has helped us appeal to a wider audience. We released our first project "Introductions" last October which you can download at our website

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- 5% (Prod. WhoDunIt

Check out some visuals of The Team - 

Why we like LBO: 

Give this man a beat and he will go in. LBO is a Long Island native with a new take on the classic East Coast flow.  He flows over his beats smooth and effortlessly like Jay-Z, but hits hard, like punctuation at the end of punch lines, evoking Nasir Jones.  The combination of flowing smooth, yet hitting hard separates this talented emcee from other newcomers and we look forward to hearing freestyles, and singles alike from LBO. 


Artist Bio:


A Long Island rapper, singer, writer, producer, and beat-boxer that currently resides in Villanova, Pennsylvania getting his study on. He composed his first song, "Michelle's Dream," at the age of 10, picked up beat-boxing at the age of 12, and won awards for his writing at 13. From there, music and lyricism manifested into an emotional outlet that was incomparable to the sensation of anything else. His main inspiration is the pressure and negative emotion making music and writing alleviates. For this reason, you will probably see him tweet or post a verse or two just to get some of that pressure off of his chest. His music is for all listeners, but especially those that have those "hidden" issues. LBO sets an example for all in embracing one's flaws and forcing them into something beneficial. Take a listen to his music and you'll know exactly what that means.


Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- Me, Myself, and I

Give a listen to LBO's mixtape Old Soul


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