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Prince Greg

3Da Deputy

Da Deputy

4Mike Shaine

Mike Shaine

Why we like M-Nat: 

M-Nat has melodies and flows to spare, as evidenced by his new mixtape DreamCity: The Patience. He has original production on the cohesive tape and a voice you'll want to listen too, which is always important for an upcoming rapper--plus he's honest, which is refreshing. He definitely knows what he's doing on the mic, and we're enjoying it, hence why he's a Heatseeker.

Artist Bio:

My name is M-Nat and Im a rapper/songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I been rapping since I was 14 years old and I just want to be the voice for my generation. My music is based on everyday things we all go through. My influences include 2Pac, Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas. I'm working everyday to be a better MC. Most Respected. Least Expected

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Patient"

Also check out his new mixtape DreamCity: The Patience

Why we like Prince Greg: 

If you like hearing rappers go in over thumping beats then Prince Greg is your emcee.  With a high and slightly raspy voice that pours over a track like syrup, this Florida native has a flow that's indicative of many rappers from the South, but he possesses witty phrases that can rival the hardest East Coast rhymer.  His ish plays huge in the club, or huge out the back of your trunk.  After already creating buzz, and now being featured on HNHH, look for Prince to ascend to Southern hip hop royalty. 

Artist Bio:

Royalty does not exactly mean having just royal blood. Anyone can be royalty – as long as you’ve got regal dreams. Prince Greg is one such royalty. Born in 1990 in Orlando, Florida, Prince Greg war raised by a single mother but no matter, it only made him discover his first loves: music and basketball. At age 4, his older sister and cousin influenced him to try freestyle rap and lo and behold, even as a toddler he could spew rhymes just like that. He was a storyteller with a lyrical wit which is evident in his music to this day. In 4th grade, Prince Greg started to write lyrics with icons 2Pac, The Hot Boyz, Do or Die, and Mystikal making big impressions on his young, developing mind. When he wasn’t in school, he listened and studied a variety of artists, still with the help of his older cousin. In school, he excelled in art and English which cemented his love for arts and literature. In 2009, Prince Greg pushed for a different life, this time going into music full time. He formed his crew MBM but by doing this, he got kicked out of school. It was a real blow but Prince Greg stood up and dusted himself. He was introduced to producer E. Nix by a mutual friend and this collaboration proved to be the start of something big. Success is now within Prince Greg’s reach and you bet, he grabbed and held onto it. And Prince Greg is determined to be part of rap’s monarchy for a very long time.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Bitch I'm Ballin"

Check out another big tune from him - "Bad"

Why we like Da Deputy:

Da Deputy's song "Private Resort" makes you wanna hit up a private resort-- a good sign that he's effective at what he's doing. The laid-back beat is reminiscent of summer chilling, and he glides over it. Being a Texas native, you can hear a Southern influence in his voice and sound, but it's not the over-the-top Southern style which is taking over.

Artist Bio:

Da Deputy, a Hip-Hop Artist from Fort Worth, Texas, who is Signed to Silent B Entertainment & is The Founder of His Global Respect Crew. Dep stands for 3 Words "In Due Time". From The Success of his Previous Mixtape "In Due Time 2" Dep, has Opened Up for Artists such as: 2 Chainz, Chamillionaire, Scarface, Tone Trump, Slim Thug and More. Dep focused on The Internet Grind by uploading His Music Videos to YouTube. His Biggest Videos are "Famous" which has 20,000+ Views & "Private Resort" which has 18,000+ Views. Both "Famous & Private Resort" are 2 Singles from His Mixtape "Johnny Dep" Hosted By: DJ Omega (from Wale's "More About Nothing" Mixtape) which is Free on d

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Private Resort"

While you're here, check out his Artist Spotlight video:

Why we like Mike Shaine: 

Without looking at his date of birth, you'd think Mike Shaine was a rapper in the mid 90s.  When Shaine jumps on a beat he goes in, with a flow that is equally infectious as it is rhythmic.  He's a fun time emcee that appeals to the backpackers, and the old heads, but he is equally as capable of rhyming over a club anthem.  It's Mike Shaine's versatility and overall skill that has earned him a spot on the HeatSeekers Final 4.  Look for a lot more exciting projects from this rising talent in the near future. 

Artist Bio:

Michael Shaine Scott, better known by his moniker Mike Shaine, is a hip-hop artist out of Dover, DE with a uniqueness that gives a new spin to the game. has described Mike Shaine as having “one of the most outstanding rap voices since Q-Tip and a never-ending stream of crazy punch lines, which together solidify him as a force”. Not your typical background for a hip hop story; Mike Shaine spent 6 years of his childhood in Okinawa, Japan as the son of a Military official. Mike Shaine was first exposed to the hip-hop genre and culture at the age of seven. It wasn’t long before he became completely taken in and began to listen to his fathers classic hip-hop albums secretly. Upon his return to the states, at the age of 12, Mike Shaine was encouraged to begin writing rap lyrics after impressing some classmates on the playground in a freestyle battle. He continued to write lyrics throughout his high school years, however, it wasn’t until he teamed up with a schoolmate, that he gained the courage to release his music for the public as one-half of the rap duo ‘The New Commerz’. The duo released 4 mixtapes from which they generated a considerable fan base and popularity amongst the locals. After nearly three years of local success the duo split when Mike’s partner decided to pursue other endeavors following the birth of his first child. Although the New Commerz dismantlement caused much incertitude, Mike quickly decided to continue chasing the dream as a solo artist. Having something to prove to himself and his fans, Mike Shaine immediately returned to the studio and spent the following year working restlessly on his first solo project entitled “The Underachieved DoucheBag”. His payoff was evident within the first few days following the release when his solo project surpassed the success he’d had with his past projects. Mike Shaine has since had the opportunity to perform in front of such names as Sidney McDonald, Mr. Cynclair, and Grouchy Gregg, receiving positive feedback. Mike Shaine continues to build his fan base as reflected by his downloads and hit counts on his youtube video for his 2012 single “Dat Boy Good" prod by Kyle Owens. Mike Shaine continues to represent for Dover, DE while he branches out to other states gaining new fans while pursuing a professional career in the music industry.

Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers- "Dat Boy Good"

Also check out the video for the track - 


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