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1Luu Breeze

Luu Breeze

2Pate (Space High)

Pate (Space High)



4Adonis Rose

Adonis Rose


Why we like Luu Breeze: Luu Breeze hails from Toronto, a hot spot for rappers on the come up. Luu Breeze can create smooth jams (see: Downtown Up) and bangers (see: #HollaLaLuuie), just like his fellow Canadian Drake. He's got a nice flow and bars over some dope beats, as he's worked with famed Toronto producers like Boi-1da. [Update - Having chosen Luu Breeze for Heatseekers the previous week, he may have crossed over the threshold recently, as he continues to align himself with major players. His recent song "Morocco II", features Wiz Khalifa."]

Luu Breeze is one of Canada's brightest upcoming stars, receiving both critical and local acclaim from the likes of current Toronto radio hit "Money Made Me Do It". Luu in recent years has worked closely with Grammy winning producer Boi-1da (Eminem, Drake & Lil' Wayne), signing to the producers production label Boi-1da Productions.

In 2011, Luu appeared on The Game's "R.E.D." album singing and writing the chorus to "All I Know". Luu is currently slated to be releasing his next EP on July 2nd, 2012 entitled "This Time Tomorrow". The project features Kardinal Offishall, Boi-1da, Marcus Manchild & others.

Demoliton Man (Prod. Daniel Worthy) - Luu Breeze feat. Marcus Manchild

Downtown Up - Luu Breeze

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Why we like Pate: Pate may have a name you're not sure how to pronounce (we weren't sure either), but he has a nice voice. He's one of those rapper's whose voice you can easily identify, in a good way. He was recently featured in Complex as one-to-watch from Philly, and his project Take Off In T-Minus 2 has impressive production, with lyrics on point.

Infused with hardball honesty and explicit story telling, Pate merges big ideas with incidental moments. As an up and coming rap artist From West Philadelphia, he is well known for his passionate, yet literate character sketches that strike at the heart of the human condition. His latest Album debut Take-Off in T-minus 2 consists of seventeen new records produced by Space High Reez .
His lyrical wit and charm was formed in the always-active streets of West Philadelphia. His journey through life's thick walls has motivated him to overcome the harsh, draining feeling of the streets and become a true lyrical entity in the song making and rap industry. Pate definitely displays a unique talent for performing, and is a generous caretaker of the growing audiences he never fails to appreciate.

Came Too Far (Freestyle) - Pate

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Why we like Treyvon X: If there was one word to describe Treyvon after watching several of his YouTube videos, it's unique. This kid has got his own style, that's for sure. And he owns it well. He's a quirky kid, with an old-school vibe, and we like that.

File under: if Jungle Brothers had discovered the cooking dance instead of hip-house, eccentric LA afrocentric swag-hop, unremembered Native Tongues nostalgia done right, and teenagers having a camera presence that it used to take half a decade to learn." Treyvon X is a young lyricist; a product of an uncanny creativity uncommon to much of his demographic. With the idiosyncracies of a mad man, his songs are worthy of universal adulation; and with his talents he aspires to do what many would only dream, being worthy enough to tangle with artists of Mr. West's caliber.

Bought A Mic For $19.83 - Treyvon X

Chief Rockabye (Freestyle) - Treyvon X

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Why we like Adonis Rose: A lot of rappers are all about their crews, and Adonis Rose is no different. He stands out most in his $hark Klan, we definitely see this young'n going places. Not to mention he kind of looks like a young Tupac.

Driven, Passionate, Ambitious, Dreamer, Rawness "since I was 9 years old I knew music is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life". LA native A.Rose Co-founder of the music group "Shark Klan" has come a long way, his music is created through emotion and reflects on his life. "I don't consider myself under any category, my writing process is simply how I feel at that moment, people can relate to real emotion, and if I can speak to just one of my listeners through music & make them feel like their not alone its a feeling indescribable. The now 21 year old connoisseur has created his own path, forming what may soon to be one of the most diverse talented groups ever. "Alot of artist get caught up in chasing the dream, I feel like we shouldn't have to break into the industry, the industry should break into us, we're young, new, fresh, & we're all individual artist whom created a brotherhood. Shark Klan is not unified by color or skin, but by their love for music. "If I never get my chance atleast you all know I lived".

Crazy Love Song - Adonis Rose
Cocky Flocky (Freestyle)

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Why we like muGz: MuGz hasn't been doing the rap-thing for too long, but he seems to have it down pat. He brings a fresh sound in a market where everyone is leaning towards Lex Luger-esque beats. The first track off his EP is evidence of that, we're hoping muGz continues in that direction.

The uppercase "G" in muGz' name symbolizes growth. "I'm a firm believer in 'One life, One chance," muGz says. Regarding his newly dropped EP, "I decided to go with the title Gone One Day because you never know when your time will come. So before that day comes, just make sure you live it up."

The EP's self-titled introduction sets the table for what to expect - lush production, well-crafted hooks, witty punch lines and intricate wordplay. If muGz rap style leans to what some would consider mainstream, it's no less personal.
As a wordsmith and songwriter, muGz places a premium on words. Many of those words are permanent reminders and inspiration making up the 20 plus tattoos on his body. 'One life, One chance,' etched in his forearm in black ink, is his most personal. In the here-today-gone-tomorrow era of rappers, muGz will long continue to bring that mentality to his music.

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