What is Heatseekers?

Heatseekers is an opportunity for unsigned and independent artists to be featured on HotNewHipHop. Submissions are open five days a week save for the weekends, while editors review them on a weekly basis to find new talent to feature on the homepage and the Heatseekers landing page.

Every weekend, 2 new submissions are featured on the homepage on Saturday, and 2 new submissions are featured on the homepage on Sunday. A total of 10 submissions are featured on the Heatseekers landing page weekly, refreshed every Monday with 10 new submissions.


Where do I go to submit? You can submit to Heatseekers by simply visiting our submissions page at http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/submission/.

How do I submit? You must be registered with HNHH. Once you are registered simply visit the submissions page, and complete the form. Do not forget to include your bio, and other information as this can be important if you are selected. Once completed simply upload your song.

When can I submit? Submissions are open Monday through Friday, and remain closed on the weekends.

How many songs can I submit? Artists can submit one song per day.

Can I submit a video? Yes. Same rules applied to video submissions.

Can I submit a freestyle? We do not accept freestyle submissions, as we prefer to hear completely new and original material from upcoming artists.

Can I re-submit a song? The system blocks duplicate submissions within the same month — if you've already submitted a song, you cannot submit the same song again the next day. However, you may try to re-submit it the next month.

Selection Process

How are songs selected to make "The 10 Finalists"? The HNHH editors review each song that is submitted, and the following factors are considered:

  • Strong Lyrical Content and/or Song Concept
  • Overall Recording and Production Quality
  • Artistic Appeal and/or Commercial Appeal
  • Flow and Voice
  • Originality

We also take into consideration:

  • Existing Following/ Fan Base
  • Professional Approach and Presentation

Out of all the songs we receive we determine the top 10 tracks that stood out. The artists behind these will comprise the Heatseekers Finalists.


When is voting open? Monday after the 10 Heatseeker submissions are chosen for the landing page. Voting remains open for the entire week the 10 Heatseeker Finalists are featured, until the start of a new edition the following Monday.

How do I vote? Simply click the "Vote" icon next to the track you wish to select. If you are not signed into HNHH you will be prompted to sign in with your HNHH account. You can also sign in using your Twitter, or Facebook or Gmail logins. Once you have cast your vote, you will be able to see the vote tallies for each artist.

How many times can I vote? You can only vote once each Heatseekers edition, so make sure you listen to all the Finalists to make your vote count.

How many songs/artists can I vote for? You can only vote for one song/artist for each Heatseekers edition.

Can I be featured on Heatseekers multiple times? If an artist makes the 10 Finalists chosen by the editors, we do our best to avoid featuring the same artist again as a Heatseeker, because we like to give others the opportunity to share their talent.

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