Apparently free speech does not exist on Facebook because last night Lil B got his profile disabled for 30 days by the powers that be for a post. Yes, that's right. A teeny-tiny, one sentence post against America was enough to incite Facebook to block the Bay Area rapper. The post, which said, "If you were born in the 1950's or before and your family did not push to have segregation and slavery stop ur grandparents are pussy," got over a thousand "likes" before Facebook got wind of it and shut it down. The post, they say, goes against their "hate speech" policy, but if you think about how much horrible stuff people write on Facebook and get away with, it sounds crazy that Lil B got shut down like this. This sounds more like someone has a personal vendetta against the rapper. 

On the flip side, Twitter hasn't blocked the rapper, even though he posted plenty of his purportedly anti-American rants there last night, too. He also posted the news about getting locked out of his Facebook profile on Twitter, asking fans to help him get his profile back because "I keep it real!!!!!!" In fact, that's why Facebook is "scared" of him, he wrote, "because I keep it tooooooo real!!! Hehe I won't lie to yall!!" He called Facebook "conservative right wing" and made a plea for the social media site to respect him. He also ended a few posts with "love you" and "I love you Facebook" because, after all, this is Lil' B we're talking about here. "Love" is like his favorite word. So come on, Facebook, let the Based God back online.