Despite being a globetrotter and avid fisherman Gunplay still finds time to hit the studio and bring us all to the back alleys of Carol City. The Plug will be his second official release following up the success of Living Legend which debuted at #11 on the Billboard hip-hop charts. No easy task for a first release, especially for a rapper whose lyrics are firmly grounded in a genuine street life.

There is one noticeable difference with this new album as Gunplay links up with Real Talk Entertainment rather than MMG and Def Jam to make the album. However, the label has worked with other MMG artists such as Stalley. One thing about Gunplay is that he rarely includes any features on his tapes. The Plug features include Tracy T and Mozzy, that's it. This approach always serves Gunplay well, as his energy and grit can carry any track, unless he wants to collaborate with Kendrick again then that's okay. The Plug is set to release on June 9th.

 Tracklisting for Gunplay’s “The Plug”:

1.)  “D-Boy Fresh”

2.)  “Call Log”

3.)  “Levels”

4.)  “Cocaine”

5.)  “Ain’t Gon Do Shit” f/ Tracey T

6.)  “Pimp Game”

7.)  “Hoeing On The Low”

8.)  “The Plug”

9.)  “On The Run”

10.)  “Patience”

11.)  “Y’all Know Where I’m From” f/ Mozzy