After four years and five seasons, Gotham is coming to an end. Fox's hit series based in DC's comic book universe took its own approach of crafting the story behind Bruce Wayne. Fox took the show out of canon, and introduced new takes on Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Alfred, Poison Ivy, and several others. Over the course of five seasons, the Court of the Owls was reimagined, the Joker's origin was toyed with, and Bruce meets many of his future enemies at a very young age. What began as an origin story for Commissioner Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) has evolved into much more. 

At New York Comic Con this past weekend, the cast of Gotham sat on a panel and discussed the upcoming final season. According to The Hollywood Reportershowrunner John Stephens revealed that the final episode will take place ten years in the future. He also touched on several other minor spoilers, joking  “I don’t think we’re going to get canceled." Bane will be joining the final season, and a story where Alfred gets his back broken will take focus. A last look at the upcoming episodes was also released, which catches fans up on where the story is now, and where our key players are located. 

Gotham's final season doesn't premiere until 2019.