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G Milano, born and raised in Brooklyn, was always surrounded by hip hop. Brooklyn, the birthplace of many hip hop greats from Biggie Smalls & Jay Z to Fabolous, and Mos Def, was where Milano uprooted his God given talent. "Milano" the nickname given in part, from his love for European fashion (Milan, Italy being one of the fashion capitals of the world), and in part for his charmingly debonair persona, would surely embrace Brooklyn's diverse music lineage. Brought up in a West Indian cultured family, Milano was exposed to big reggae/dancehall records such as those from Buju Banton, and Sanchez, along with the 90s wave of Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, and Big Pun. It all started from a very young age, at age 10 Milano was inspired to start doing music as he eagerly followed in the footsteps of his two older cousins. Milano tried his hand at penning his first verse, after hearing his two older cousins "rhyming" to an instrumental mixtape in their basement. Instantly recognizing Milano's raw talent, and future potential, he was given the Nickname "G Baby", and ran with his cousins as they continued to work on their project. Although never officially included on any of their projects, Milano would always be present at writing sessions, and would always have his verse written and ready. Since that time music has changed substantially, but Milano's ear for quality proved compatible for the era, as he began recording himself and mixing his projects at home. Without any help or guidance from anyone , G Milano grew a burning desire to learn how to get things done on his own, followed by a developed skill for musical engineering as well as beat production. Today Milano has found a way to compile many various musical styles into one body of production. He will rejuvenate the game with his chameleon like versatility, able to produce any style of modern music from many genres, whether its a hip hop "club banger", or an R & B classic, or even a pop single or country hit. This diversity, evident in his viral debut mixtape "The Night is Young" is clearly what rap fans have been craving, as it received 2,000+ views in a matter of days. The youngin' G Milano took a huge first step into the world of underground hip hop, while also debuting to the world that he has a uniquely soulful singing voice, further pooling a larger female fanbase. Milano is dodging the freestyle rapper cliché, and the recent "trap" music overload, and instead is bringing forth a natural, commercial sound that the people love to receive, self proclaimed as NYC's "GOD" Milano." Milano's authentic, yet worldly introspection has lead many to believe that he is an artist to look out for this coming year. A hiphop revolution is on it's way sparked by, none other than, G Milano.


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