Tupac has been immortalized by many, whether it's through music or through film. Gillie Da Kid will continue the tradition by playing the legendary rapper in an upcoming film about Suge Knight. While talking to AHH, the rapper confirmed the role and spoke on other upcoming films he'll be acting in.

Gillie Da Kid aka Gil Smith will be acting alongside Ving Rhames and Steven Seagal in the upcoming "Force Of Execution," he revealed, "I got one coming in November called Force Of Execution with me and Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, and Ving Rhames. Y'all should go check that out; I whip Steven Seagal's ass in this movie."

Gillie continued to reveal that he's taking on the role of Tupac Shakur in an upcoming biopic about Suge Knight. The former Young Money rapper said he's already seen the script and been paid, but he doesn't know the shooting schedule yet. "Definitely got a budget in place for that right now, so I’m just waiting to find out when we shooting," Gillie said. "I’m not in on the producing of that I’m just an actor. Whenever I get the word its time to get busy. They’ve already got the script [finished]…," he continued.

"Just know I’m going to transform like Will Smith did when he played Ali," he added. "We already know I’m ‘G’d’ enough to play ‘Pac, that was never a question after they put a little make up on me. I been in the gym. I’m trying to put on a little 10 (pounds) real quick."

Check out the full interview clip below. Do you think Gillie will do Tupac justice?