Guerrilla Grind

Though technically founded January 2010, Guerrilla Grind Ent. (GGE) has been around for quite awhile without an established name. Formulated under three like minds, G.G.E. is a label of unprecedented talent and growth. Both Stunna and Purp were introduced to music at an early age and always had a great appreciation for anyone who was truly talented at the craft. Drawing their influences from many different rappers and lyricist both artist have transpired to a level where they can formulate their own unique styles while staying true to the Hip-Hop/Rap culture. "Music is a doorway to an escape that never closes on you" said Purp when asked what music meant to him and why he enjoys it so much. The Rap Duo (or Tag Team as some refer to them) has been doing this since before their first mixtape (The Refund) that released in January 2010. "I can remember days when I would sit in the shower freestyling and my ex would grab a pad and write down what I spit" said Stunna as he told us about his past rapping experiences in life and his start with getting serious about persuing his entry into the Rap world. When asked what they see themselves bringing to the table when they get signed, Stunna replied,"Everything that the game has been missing and more." As far as their Music goes it's safe to say that it comes from a life of diversity from going to school to doing less legal things to get by at times, "I'm not glorifying the fact that I've sold drugs but it's part of my life and it has had an impact on who I am today" said Purp as he elaborated on the truthfulness to their music. GGE can be seen all around ATL whether in the mall, the club, or just cruising Downtown. Always thinking of new ideas for marketing their music any way possible, GGE has explored every aspect and avenue that they could from Facebook/Myspace/Twitter to creating their own website (This site). Never resting when there is work to be done. Never shying away from their past (good or bad) Purp and C-Stunna use all their skills when it comes to the improving and bettering the label. G.G.E. is an self invested company/label and is meant for more than just music, its a business of different enterprises (i.e. graphic design, marketing, etc.). When asked how should their music be classified they answered as a united front by saying, "There's no catergory to place us in, i.e. Trap Rap, Gangsta Rap, Futuristic, Dance music, etc., we just bring good music to the world the best way we see fit."


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