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Genesis The Ruckus Is Sponsored By Socan Canada My name is Joseph Louis aka Genesis The Ruckus I'm an aspiring hip-hop Artist; that's who I am. My mother gave me the biblical name and like my name I'm constantly evolving my music; based on my life experiences, I began writing lyrics & rapping when I was eight years old in Montreal. I can still recall writing lyrics in my bedroom and hearing neighborhood children play outside my window. And at the age of 16 I was performing live in clubs. I knew then at that young age that being a recording artist is what I wanted to be. I promised my self to uphold that dream and be true to my music. I'm 28 years old now and the passion and dream still remain strong within me. My musical influences reaches back to the origin of hip-hop artist like KRS ONE, RUN DMC and 2Pac helped forged that standard that made hip-hop what it is today. These artists set the plateau that I'm striving for. In keeping with the philosophy of musical evolution through life experiences. I lived in other cities and the "society environments" allowed me to expend my thoughts and views. The growth is in my writing, learned more about playing, more about the music and most importantly story in my lyrics. I believe that music is a story and that everyone has a story we can all relate too. I can only hope that I can express my life hardship, love, and tortured moments and share that with an audience. I am in constant evolution to better my music and myself. I wish to always remain true to myself and not provide a false image of myself. I relish my identity enough not to form a myth and most importantly, not wanting to spend a lifetime living that myth. I've always tried to be honest about the bad and the good. Take me as I am because I can't be anyone else. Musical Beginnings I started out performing clubs in Montreal then moved to Vancouver. I dedicated myself to my in music, honed my craft further and continued freestyle battle in clubs, earning respect and loyalty from the audience. In 2003, I teamed up with producer Scott Willad from Barill House sound studio and we produced my first instrumental. After spending a year working on "GENESIS IS HIP HOP" with R&B singer HONEY, the duo came out with a five songs CD. Our humble marketing promotions consisted of handling out flyers and providing complimentary CD to local music stores. Musical Achievements In 2003, the Beat 94.5 Hip Hop in Vancouver was looking for new talent and I submitted the single "Look me in my eyes". After six months of promoting the song and people around the world voting via internet; I came in second place. After struggling as an independent artist I managed to earn enough money to start working on another demo CD featuring Honey in 2004 with Tipo at Pro Solutions Studio Our present goal to have the opportunity to get sighed by a major record label. We travel to Winnipeg M.B in 2006, to promote by performing live & now we are doing the same in Montreal, T dot, N.Y, now Vancity.Now 2008 / 2009 & we have are own Music studio & 2010 Got Are Own Music Videos & performed Internationaly to raise money for Haiti


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