Game remains one of the most consistent rappers in the game. He delivered an extremely solid album with his last project, Jesus Piece, and it sounds like he's going just as hard if not harder on his next project, if his latest leak "Bigger Than Me" is any indication. While visiting DJ Skee, Game cleared up that Blood Money La Familia is not his sixth studio album, he says it's just a compilation for Blood Money. He remains unsure about what label he will release his sixth LP on.

Explaining the deal for his Blood Money  project, Game tells Skee, "It’s [Blood Money compilation album] coming out through E1. We did a one album deal with E1 for the Blood Money project to put on the artists and blow the label up. So, we doing that. My sixth album I don’t know where I’mma put that. But it’s gonna take a lot of money to have a conversation with me about it…I think I’mma save Nicki for that sixth album though. Get her on the right song, man. So, it’s beneficial to both of us."

The Cali native went on to discuss another recent album announcement, revealing a time frame for when we can expect it. "As far as TheDocumentary 2 is concerned we gon’ try to get that out around the same time that the first Documentary dropped 10 years ago, which was January 18. So, next January is gonna be the 10-year anniversary. So, I would love to get The Documentary 2 out in January."

Game also backtracked a little during the interview, explaining the story behind him hopping on Tyga's "Chi-Raq To L.A." diss record at Lil Durk. "Tyga called me. I initially—When I first got the call I didn’t even know who Lil Durk was. I didn’t know who he was. And so, Tyga hit me like ‘Yeah, we going in on Lil Durk.’ And I’m like ‘Alright cool. I’m riding with the little homie.’ I went in without hearing any Durk records or I didn’t even hear Tyga’s part. I just did me. You know what I’m saying? And I gave it to Tyga. And then they dropped it the next day. And it was everywhere, man."

During his interview Game also praised G-Unit getting back together, admitting he hasn't spoken to some of the members for quite some time now. Catch the full interview below.

[via HHDX]