G Herbo On Chicago Violence & Why He's Not A "Drill" Rapper

Trevor Smith
December 01, 2015 13:46

Lil Herb shares details of the "Stop The Violence" campaign and explains the different sounds of Chicago rap.

When he first emerged on the scene, G Herbo (then Lil Herb) was quickly lumped into Chicago's drill movement. His sometimes confrontational style and gritty subject matter does align with the genre in some respects, but when we spoke to Herb, he clarified that he's "far from drill rap".

"I'm a big lyricist, hip-hop head, and that's not drill music," he said, stressing that Chicago rap is all about being yourself, which is why we hear so many different styles from the region. He went on to explain that his versatility is what's allowed him to work with a variety of artists including Chance The Rapper and Common.

As far as the "Put The Guns Down" campaign that Herb has been involved in, the rapper feels he has a responsibility to speak to his fanbase about youth issues. "I know I've got an influence in my city, because I've been through it."

You can watch the other parts of Herb's interview, where he talks about growing up with Lil Bibby and working with Joey Bada$$  here.

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