Like many of Future's relationships with the mother of his children that ended with flames, after his split with ex-girlfriend and mother to his son Brittni Mealy back in 2018 where he slyly said "one monkey don't stop the show," Brittni has been taking shots at the "Life is Good" artist on social media ever since. A little while back, fans believed that Brittni was trolling his current girl Dess Dior. Fans are now speculating that Brittni may be firing shots at Future once again by using a meme about his ex to make fun of him.

Last night, the 30-year-old influencer shared a meme on social media of a meme using the likeness of Lori Harvey. The meme, uploaded onto the popular justinlaboy account, features Harvey on the cover of a book titled "Think Like a Man and Act Like That N***a too," a subtle reference to Lori's star-studded dating history. Adding the words "Facts" to the Instagram stories post, fans think it appears like Brittni is rubbing in the fact that Lori quickly moved on from Future and she is taking notes.    

Social media users chimed in on the matter telling her to "move on." One user wrote, "She want future back badly," with a laughing emoji. Others shared similar sentiments. 

 While Future has yet to clap back at his ex, Lori Harvey has also unsurprisingly not spoken on the matter either