Even in more conservative American states, getting caught with marijuana for personal use usually only gets you a misdemeanor offense. In Dubai, it's a different story entirely. Freebandz's DJ Esco (Future's official DJ), recently learned that the hard way when he took the rap for some weed found in a bag at the city's airport, an event that led to him spending 56 days in jail. Having been booked on November 19th, he just got home on January 13th. 

In an in-depth, shocking interview with FADER, Esco recounts everything from the authorities unearthing the bud ("You would have thought I had a bomb and there was ten seconds left and the world is about to end if they didn't get every officer up there") to his experiences in jail ("I'm the only American. It's Pakistanis, Saudis, Afghans, Kuwaitis, Iranians. And then you got some Africans, like Somalians, Nigerian, Egyptians"). 

Thanks to a particularly friendly warden, Esco got out much sooner than authorities at the American embassy predicted, and thank God for that. Read the full story here.