Many people have been waiting awhile on French Montana's Excuse My French debut, and while delays can sometimes build up anticipation, in this case it seems to have had a negative effect and nixed French from the MTV "Hottest MCs" list. 

In a new interview with DJ Drama, French discusses his impending LP, which is due for release on May 21st. He anticipates selling 200k copies in his first week, "Gotta crack at least 200.. you never know though, you never know how it goes."

As the two continued to discuss Excuse My French, including the single "Freaks" with Nicki Minaj, the topic soon turned to the infamous "Hottest MCs" list-- and why there was a lack of French on it. The Coke Boy blames it on the fact that he doesn't have an album out. "I aint got no album out, that's what they said. Everybody had albums."

French doesn't sound too upset, because as he says, it wasn't about money. However, he goes on to explain how MTV was wrong about him, and compares himself to Meek Mill (who was on the list at #10), whom he says also had a bunch of features on his singles (apparently one of the points against French was his amount of hot features).

"It's not about a check so it doesn't matter," French said at first, before continuing to say that MTV needs to get their facts right before working on a "Hottest MCs" list. "If they do something like that, they needa have their facts right. Like they'll sit there and be like, "Pop That" was #2. You know "Pop That" was #1. 'Oh French Montana got nothing but features but Meek Mill doesn't.' Alright, cool. Name my songs. "Shot Caller" was me by myself, "Everything's A Go," was me by myself. Then if you compare me...Meek is my nigga. If you sayin I got features, Meek "Ima Boss" had Ross on it, "Amen" had Drake on it, "Burn" had Big Sean on it. People don't drive singles dolo."  

"So name me one Meek Mill single..but they don't have their facts right and they talking. A lot of people didn't have a bigger year than me last year,  I was on damn near every song," the Bad Boy rapper concluded.

Listen to the full audio from the interview below. Let us know in the comments if you thought French belonged on the "Hottest MCs" list.