French Montana and 50 Cent haven't had a Twitter back-and-forth recently, and French is hoping to keep it that way, as he says in a new interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97.

Angie brought up his recent beef with the G-Unit member, and French said of it,"I try to keep it entertaining." 

He assured Angie that the beef wasn't serious, before stating that 50's time had passed and now it's his time to eat. "Me and him ain't got no real problem. I had said something I guess on an interview he read, he probably just be looking for anything...ain't no problem with him."

"I been doin' good, I had a great year, I wanna keep going. That man already did his thing, I feel like it's my turn now. Yeah I don't wanna go back and forth with him, like he already his thing, like now it's my turn, lemmee eat."

Watch the full interview below.