French Montana finalized his divorce from Nadeen Kharpouch this week, but reports of the issues of their marriage continue to pour in. The latest story, which comes from TMZ, alleges that friends of French's ex-wife (and baby's mother) feel the rapper has neglected his son.

According to the sources, Montana has only seen his kid for 4 days this year, at one point going 7 months without a visit. They go on to say that French seemed more interested in hanging out with the likes of celebrity girlfriends Trina and Khloe Kardashian than his child.

Apparently, Kharpouch is also upset about the money French was spending on Khloe at the time. 

As we reported earlier this week, Montana was reported to pay a $2 million settlement in his divorce from Kharpouch, which he has since denied. TMZ now claims that the figure is closer to 3 million.