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Darius "G.A." Harris was born in Michigan but grew up in Hinesville, GA. G.A. remembers "Even though there were some tough times, he still managed 2 make it through. At a young age G.A. had gotten used to shoot-outs and fist fights as a part of everyday life in his Eagles Landing neighborhood. He did some things he felt he had to do to survive, but he always held a focus to getting legal money. His cousins were rappers, and since that was a diversion to street life, G.A. soon became involved. Many noticed that he wasn't complaining much in his rhymes or dwelling much on misfortune. He just liked to have a good time. As people around him began recognizing his talent, G.A. decided to take his music seriously. "I'm trying to get rich off this here [music]. I'm trying to get in the money lane. I'm really enjoying doing this." G.A. has the drive and the passion to succeed. Influenced by the greats such as Tupac, Jay-Z, T.I., G.A. represents his home state well with his music that reaches all audiences. He has always had a charisma that moves the crowd, and his new song "Party" is a perfect example of his laid back yet engaging style. "Party" was filmed in Pensacola, Fl and the turnout for support was overwhelming. People from all over can identify with his with his lyrics and style, a trait that is sure to propel him to the highest heights. He's already performed at shows with several popular artists including Yung LA, OJ Da Jucieman, Lil Boosie, Webbie, Gucci Mane, MIMS, Chingy, Kiah, Chyna Whyte, and Field Mob. G.A. co-owns AutoToyz Etc., a rim shop in Pensacola, Fl and co-owns G-4 Music, an independent record label. His label consists of other artists such as P.LoE (co-owner), Clean, and S.O.S. it is his responsible business mind that allows him to sustain his rap career. He understands that the industry isn't guaranteed overnight success. Yet he wont stop, simply because he can't. Contact @ (912) 977-0675 or ga.g4music@gmail.com


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