Fat Nick Explains Why He Loves Little Caesars Despite Knowing It's Not Good

Alex Zidel
November 05, 2021 15:54

Fat Nick says he knows good pizza, but he still loves Little Caesar's.

Florida rapper Fat Nick knows that there are so many amazing options for pizza around the world, but he just can't get away from Little Caesar's. Despite him realizing that there are plenty of local pizza spots that would make him a delicious deep-dish pizza on any given day of the week, Nicky Gordo would still consider calling his go-to Little Caesar's for his fix. 

"I hold myself to a very high level of food critique, right? But my guilty pleasure... I fucking love Little Caesar's. That shit's gas," said Fat Nick in the new episode of Snack Review. "And I'm not supposed to, right? 'Cause I know it's dogshit and I know what good pizza is, but I just like it. It's like that sneaky link that brings you in all the time, you get me? It's lit, I like it a lot."

The rapper also spoke about how he used to love drinking Arizona iced tea when he was younger, but he absolutely hates the beverage now.

"I would never drink that shit now, let me tell you that," said Fat Nick about Arizona being his favorite drink when he was a kid.

The new episode comes on the same day that Nick drops his new project, titled Gorgeous Glizzy Gordo. The rapper was also on Snack Review on Thursday, where he tried out snacks from around the world and gave his honest thoughts on them.

Check out the new episode above.

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