In promotion of the grand opening of UP NYC, Fat Joe sat down for a Facebook Live interview with Sole Collector in which he recalled some incredible sneaker-related stories including the time he and Mike Bibby got into it over a haul of rare Air Jordans.

As the story goes, Fat Joe visited Bibby's complex in Phoenix with hopes that his close friend would be willing to lend out some of his exclusive Air Jordan PEs but once he started filling up his duffle bag, things got physical and Bibby "yoked him up."

“Mike Bibby literally yoked me up,” says Fat Joe. “I think he had a drink or two that day, and he don’t really drink like that. So he tried to muscle me.”

“He’s been inviting me to his house for 15 years, and I when I go up in there, you know how we do, I’m coming in there with the duffle bag like yo what's good.”

He prefaced that ridiculously story by announcing that nobody on the planet has more sneakers than Mike Bibby. He declared;

“Nobody’s got more sneakers than Mike Bibby. That's it. I'm saying, Mike Bibby, as a lover of sneakers, he has more sneakers than anybody. Mike. Bibby. Mike Bibby has a house for sneakers. Fuck a room. A full fucking house. It's just disgusting."

Fat Joe also talked about the time he was robbed of his Suede PUMAs, how the "TS" Air Force 1 collection came to fruition, and what to expect from his new sneaker store

UP NYC, located at 158th street and Broadway in NYC, will open to the public on November 5th and it will feature some of those exclusive Mike Bibby PEs. Check out his interview with Sole Collector below, he gets into the Bibby talk at the 17:45 mark.