21 Savage's music is a dark reflection of his dark life. One of his closest collaborators is a producer named Fukk 12. Many members of his 21 crew have been murdered. There was a year-long stretch when he attended five funerals.

“[It] made me want to kill everybody," he's said of when one of his friends died. "it made me cold-hearted. All my partners are dead."

The violence didn't make him want to leave the streets. “It made me want to pop niggas," he told DJ Smallz.

The cover of Savage Mode, the tape 21 is dropping tomorrow in collaboration with Metro Boomin, depicts a dagger piercing a bright blood red membrane. It's a nice summation of 21's entire aesthetic. In preparation for Savage Mode, click through the gallery to learn everything you need to know about 21 Savage.