Singer and producer Eric Bellinger slyly told friends, family, and the public that he and wife La'Miya are expecting their second child at his recent birthday bash. The songwriter celebrated the day of his birth with a Martin-themed party, complete with Tisha "Gina" Campbell-Martin as the host. Everyone was required to dress up and Bellinger went all out when he dressed up as the swollen-faced character from the 1994, Season 2, Episode 21 classic "Guard Your Grill."

"Figure out if it's a boy or a girl," Bellinger said as he rubbed Good's belly. The crowd gave their "awws" as the couple smiled at each other. Meanwhile, inside the party was lit as Campbell-Martin was stunned and speechless when she saw Bellinger's get up. There were a few of Bellinger's famous friends in the crowd as well as the DJ spun the hits.

Back in 2017, the couple was featured on the E! network reality television series The Platinum Life, a show that followed women affiliated with the music industry and their partners. La'Miya was joined by Shantel Jackson, Nelly's girlfriend; Asiah Azante, who's married to rapper Kid Ink; rapper Lola Monroe and her partner, rapper King Los; and Nazanin Mandi, wife of singer Miguel.

The show, which was only on for one season, was marketed as: “LA’s music industry is notorious for exclusive parties, high-profile romances, and huge fan followings, but being in relationships with some of the biggest names in the business is not always pitch perfect. Whether it’s fighting for the spotlight in a male-dominated game, or being on the lookout for groupies trying to get the attention of their men, these women learn that in the music world, the only way to navigate it successfully is with strength and confidence.”