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LaShawn Powell, artistically known as Elcee (Pronounced as the initials L.C.) was born in Halifax, Canada, but currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Elcee grew up with a single mother, her sister & an older cousin that he felt comfortable labelling as his brother. His brother introduced him to all the rap music he knew as a youngster, from Notorious B.I.G., Big L, B.G., up to Jay-Z, Nas, & Wu Tang. Elcee began to pick through and learn what he liked & felt he could relate to, with what he didn’t like or couldn’t relate to. Elcee began shifting towards 2Pac, Bone Thugs, AZ, Ludacris etc. due to the soulful production and relatable content. Elcee has now been doing music for 3-4 years in a more serious manner, but only began to develop into himself as an artist within the last year. He considers himself as simply a Recording Artist; he is not just a Rapper or just a Singer. He takes pride in being able to expand himself into a variety of music genres when it comes to me as a Recording Artist. Over the last year he released 3 Mixtapes/EP’s and over 100 songs. Aside from being a Recording Artist Elcee is a Photographer, and the main Photographer for the Life & Wisdom Street Brand. He also does freelance photography around the city and of various individuals looking for Photo Shoots. Due to how much technology has changed, he’s able to use that same camera for Photography with Video Production. He has been involved with Video Production since 2005 when he was heavily into Streetball. In 2006 Elcee was a huge part of the Filming & Editing process for the Green Prints DVD that showcased local talent around the Greater Toronto Area. The DVD was locally successful but due to misunderstandings with the team involved in the project, only 1 Volume was released. Realizing that the Arts themselves are what Elcee plans to be involved in, he has made an effort to be recognized for everything that he does and everything that he is capable of. On March 15th 2013 Elcee released the official website www.ElceeTheArtist.com dedicated to him as an Artist. Elcee is currently a representative of the Jetpacks/LFE collective based out of Virginia & Philladelphia after previously working with the Utah based collective iLLManic.


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