E.C. is A Local Artist Outta Da Country Tryna make it in da game by stayin real and stayin true to it like Screw . Actin Bad is The Clicc (Get down or Lay down) and also affiliated Wit U.S. (underground soldiers), SUC,SVC and a real big street team of Souljas. About EC: Well where should I start being raised by my mom and grandma with no father figure around. I first picked up a love for music when I was five years old listening to my big brother K.I.D. and my other cousins rapping at the house in Da Ville(Smithville TX) they were always with my older kinfolk The Legend DJ Screw and they started bringing his tapes around and I was like "damn I like that did he really make that?" they were like yeah. I was like man you don't have to be from a big place to make it doing something you got a love for ever since then i became infatuated my brother started to make his first Cd and I use to go to the studio with him and just watch and learn at a early age i'm like "Man that could be me one day" so since that day I started practicing my writting and freestyling. Then when I was 12 My brother finnaly put me on my first song called G's Anthem. I was real nervous because it was my first time in the studio recording me but once I got use to it I thought it was fun.Then I got the hang of it and the next year he put on another song called Same Thing when I was 13. Being in the studio and hearing them rap was a great experience for me and I want to thank all of them for that.Now I've Dropped Two Cd's My 1st one was "IT Takes Time 2 Shine" I Released wit my Partner Deezie in 09 and My Second One "The Culberson" Which I released wit my brother KID in march of 2010 and i have been fetured on many other peoples underground albums.ABU and solo Album Droppin in 2011 Stay on da Look Out ITs Goin down


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