E-40 Announces Plans To Release 4 Albums On July 15

Rapper and Business mogul, E-40 surprised us today with the news that he is planning to drop 4 albums on July 15

 In the wee hours of the morning, E-40 announced on his instagram and his twitter that he plans to drop a grand total of 4 albums simultaneously this July, on the fifteenth. These albums compose what Bay Area Ambassador refers to as “Sharp On All 4 Corners," - a massive quadruple album project that will be sectored into four parts named Corners 1,2,3 and 4, respectively. 

This came as a complete surprise to many of E-40's followers as it was assumed that he was busy doing things like presiding over his Earl Steven Selections, being the big, bad wine connoisseur that he is. Of course, gigantic, multiple-album-length projects is nothing new for E-40. If it sounds like a slog, know that he doesn't just let any track make the final cut, rather it takes numerous records to fit his high-minded ambition

All of the parts of Sharp On All 4 Corners will be released on July 15th. Don't just take our word for it, peep his instagram announcement below. 


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