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Duece Magic has been destined for stardome since the day he was born. He was born in the Bay Area in San Leandro, CA. He lived with his father and 2 older brothers in Oakland, CA. His family struggled for a long time until they moved to Pittsburg, CA. On the first day of high school, he got into a fight with another student. It seemed as if other students were jealous of his character and cockyness. He had no choice but to fight back. He was getting into trouble at school daily. Fighting, talkin back. You name it, he did it. He began abusing and selling drugs even though he was the all-star on his high school baseball team. Duece had many scouts, coaches, and schools interested in getting him right out of high school to go play for their team. After his Junior year in high school, ... let his enemies at his new school, and his peers get to him. His grades began to slip drastically, He kept gettin in trouble with marijuana possession and everything he worked for was quickly falling apart in this kids life. He was kicked off the team his senior year, ended up not graduating high school, forcing himself to pass up the oppertunity to be a professional baseball player. 2 years pass and hes still doin the same thing. Getting in trouble with the law, etc. Then something woke him up. He had a daughter. Now he knew it was time to make a change. He decided to move to Arizona where his oldest brother lived. Finally, A place where he can start his life over and raise his daughter in a better environment. He got a 9 to 5 job, got his own house, and swore to himself not to have to hustle anyomore. But it didnt last long. He started selling drugs again. Struggling to feed his daughter he now has no choice but to make money faster. He hits a few licks just to survive. He then gets a job offer from someone he meets on the bus. Its not a great paying job but he took whatever he could at the moment. Through all of this Duece has been steadily writing songs and rappin daily. He has been writing music the age of 13. He never thought too much of it, until he was about 15 and his friends started telling him how talented and skilled he was. So he decided it was time to take this music seriously! He began networkin and makin beats and artists were featuring him on songs. He knew he had talent but never expected people to show him so much support. Eveything that Duece Magic has been through has made him the man he is today. All we ask is that you keep showing your support and he will continue to give you real, authentic, good music


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