Whenever he steps out of his multi-million-dollar mansion in Toronto's exclusive Bridle Path neighborhood, Drake employs the creme of the crop when it comes to his security. He takes no chances when he's in public and over the years, we've seen him safely stationed behind some of the most destructive-looking big men on the planet. This week, he partied it up with Future for the rapper's birthday and appeared alongside a mountain of a man, who scared the living hell out of comedian Druski.

Anybody in their right mind would be spooked to go up against this man in a fistfight, and Druski made sure to stay on the man's good side when he spotted him around Drake. The comedian took to his Instagram Stories and explained why he's so terrified of Drake's bodyguard.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I ain't gon' lie to y'all, there was a part where I knew Drake's security was thrown off. I looked at him and I tried to whisper to him because I'm trying to understand what the f*ck, know what I'm sayin'. I said, 'You good, man?' And that n***a looked at me and said 'Ruff!!'," said Druski, imitating the man's alleged bark. 

He went on to share multiple videos of Drake's security, including one when he intensely moves his arms in a circular motion. Druski wrote, "Drake's security will squeeze your head like a f*cking grape."

In another video, Drake's bodyguard seemingly evolves to a new form, going "super Saiyan" in front of the entire club unexpectedly.

It's no surprise that Druski would be scared of this dude. He's pretty intense and is probably the right man to protect Drake. Check out the videos below.