It's no surprise that Drake and Future's massive Summer Sixteen tour made a lot of money this year, but according to some new numbers, it could be a record-breaking feat. A new Pollstar list of highest-grossing tours of the year puts Summer Sixteen at 84.3 million, making it the highest-grossing rap tour of the year, with Kanye's Saint Pablo following at 52.8 million.

However, fans have now deduced that these stats, if they are to be trusted, would make Drake's Summer Sixteen the highest-grossing rap tour of all time. Drake is confident enough in the numbers to have posted a tweet claiming such on his Instagram, but official confirmation from Forbes has yet to be made. The tour that currently holds the title is Kanye West and Jay Z's Watch The Throne, which reportedly earned $75 million in North America, according to Complex.

Drake is getting ready to take off on his The Boy Meets World tour in Europe. While he has yet to announce the openers, it's been speculated that Young Thug will be along for the ride.