This is the age of the surprise album, where anything can drop in the blink of an eye -- perhaps that's why social media seemed to rally around the notion that Drake's upcoming album Certified Lover Boy was set to arrive at midnight. In fact, it became so widely accepted as fact that a wave of disappointment seemed to arise when the clock struck twelve with nary a Drizzy album in sight. So why then, did people come to this conclusion in the first place? 


 John Phillips/Getty Images

It should be noted that one of the main reasons behind the doomed theory centered around the Grammy Awards' eligibility deadline, which occurs on Monday, August 31st. Anything released following that date will not be eligible for nomination in the 2021 Grammy Awards. Hardly a lead with legs, but it appeared to be enough to form the basis of a hype-train. Things weren't helped by a fake tracklist that swiftly began circulating, which drew raised eyebrows with features from Jhené Aiko, Post Malone, and Ariana Grande, though the latter certainly sent her fans into a fervent state. 

Suffice it to say, the lead-up to the midnight hour was full of excited Drake fans, driven entirely by wistful optimism. That, and the belief that Drake's willingness to secure a Grammy would be enough to dictate his entire rollout. Of course, it's always disappointing when a rumor takes off only to come up short. If anything, it speaks to the time we live in, where social media buzz plays a pivotal role in building anticipation for a surprise drop -- we've seen it in the past with Eminem's impromptu releases, where a few rumblings seemed to herald the imminent arrival of both Kamikaze and Music To Be Murdered By. Should Drake indeed decide to drop from the blue, expect a similar buzz to kick off prior -- next time, let's just hope it's not a drill.