If you’re reading this, then its not too late to find out that Drake broke another record for his surprise project last week.

After selling a whopping 497,602 units in the opening week, it’s now being reported that Drake broke a Spotify record for most album streams as well. Doing 17.3 million streams within a 3-day span, this feat set the record for the most streams for an album in its debut week in the U.S. But wait, there’s more. The project also broke the record for most streams in a day for an album as well, doing 6.8 million streams on Saturday, February 14th.

However, this isn’t Drizzy first go around with a record-setting album. Back in 2013, Nothing Was the Same received the same accolade as above with 15.8 million streams the week it opened, meaning Drake just broke his own record.

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[Via Billboard]