Drake To Appear In "Anchorman 2" With Big Afro

Drake will be making a cameo in "Anchorman 2" rocking a large afro and 1970s look.

One of the most anticipated comedy sequels of the past 10 years is Anchorman 2 which has the full cast returning.  We reported how Kanye Westhas a hilarious-looking cameo in the San Diego 1970s news spoof romp, and now pics are surfacing of Drake appearing in the film as well. 

Details are sparse as to what role 'Ye or Drizzy will play, but judging from the Kanye pics they could be part of a rival news team and take place in an epic "news team battle."  In the pic, Drake is rocking a large afro with the matching serious sideburns and a leather jacket.  

Anchorman 2 hits theaters at the end of this year December 30, 2013.  



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