Drake is a man known for getting nostalgic when it comes to his social media picture content, and last night was no exception. Following the cute shot of a young Aubrey lacing up his skates and partaking in an oft-quoted visual of Canada's favorite pass time, the Toronto-born rapper showcased another memorable milestone from his childhood: his Bar Mitzvah.

A milestone for boys of the Jewish faith, a Bar Mitzvah is the moment when a boy becomes accountable for his actions and begins to bear his own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics. He is also allowed to participate in any and all areas of Jewish community life. This event typically takes place when a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13; prior to that, his parent(s) take responsibility for his actions. In short, it's a very big deal for the extended family of a Jewish youngster, and Drake clearly has fond memories of the life event, sharing the image of his Bar Mitzvah board on Instagram. Featuring many cut-out photos of Drizzy as an even younger child, the poster already hinted at the music career that the budding performer could choose as his path in life, with a collage of keyboards, speakers and cassette tapes adorning the top of the board.

Many well wishes are addressed to "Aub," no doubt a childhood nickname, written by members of his extended family and friends. There's also at least one comment about how great his party was, which is another facet of Drake's that would only become a bigger part of his mystique over time. Folded and frayed with age, the poster nevertheless contains a multitude of memories that surely hold a very special place in the heart of the Six God. Drake even parodied his Bar Mitzvah in a Saturday Night Live monologue from 2014. Check that out below.

Nowadays, Drake is all grown up and living it up as one of the most recognizable names and faces in the music industry. He recently took in a Toronto Raptors basketball game from his courtside seat, a glass of Pinot Grigio in hand. He even hopped on the Canadian national broadcast of the game and hyped the Raptors' potential for the upcoming season. Check out some of the video footage from that night here.