B. Simone's love for DaBaby is well-documented. She has made multiple pleas for the "Suge" artist to embrace her as his woman. The most blatant display of her obsession was when she dressed up as his bride for Halloween, carrying around a cardboard DaBaby cutout. Her public lusting was not in vain though, because she managed to cuddle up with the rapper in a club recently. While B. Simone's parallel love for Drake is a lesser-known fact, Drake seems well aware that the social media star has a thing for him. 

Last night, Drake made a surprise appearance at the Toronto stop of DaBaby's KIRK tour. He shared a video on Instagram of him getting his hometown hyped by performing "Money In The Grave", a track dropped to celebrate the Raptors winning the NBA Finals this year. Drake thanked DaBaby for sharing the stage and the Charlotte rapper reciprocated the praise in the comments. B. Simone could also be found in the comments, writing, "Legit Gods plan 🙏🏽😩." Drizzy saw her blue check and took the opportunity to tease her a little for her infatuation with the rappers. "😭 this is a sick fantasy for you," he joked. 

After Drake finished his performance last night, he told the crowd he had to head home to continue working on his next album, so he could soundtrack 2020.