Drake has been an extremely busy man as of late. To be fair to Drizzy, he is always a busy man given the fact that he is one of the biggest artists in the world. This designation comes with a ton of responsibility, however, Drake has always managed to wear it very well. 

His most recent appearance was at his Sanctuary Basketball League Final, where he captured his second title on his home court. Of course, we say home court quite literally here as the game was played inside of his Toronto mansion. Regardless, it was quite the triumph for Drake who was able to score the game-winning basket.


Cole Burston/Getty Images

Following the match, Drake to his Instagram account where he got to show off the aftermath of his big win. As you will see, Drake even got to spend some time with his son Adonis, who was all smiles while taking a selfie with his dad. In the picture below, Drake was in a state of euphoria and the multi-colored basketball only helped to illustrate his basketball triumph.

Drake and Adonis continue to be an iconic duo and it is very clear that Drizzy has all of the love in the world for his son. They are always seen at basketball games together and at this point, it feels like Adonis is on track to becoming quite the hooper in his own right.