Drake has refused to pay the medical bills demanded by Detail, a Detroit producer who is credited on a few tracks -- and the hook on "305 to My City" -- off Nothing Was the Same, reports the Daily Mail. In June, it was reported that Detail brought a lawsuit against Drake due to an alleged assault at the hands of his bodyguard, Chubbs, at Drake's home in Calabasas about a year before in 2014. The initial report suggested Drake had set up the beatdown, as he was "irate" at Detail for apparently turning down an offer for some type of exclusive collaborative deal. Detail claimed he suffered a broken jaw and spent several days in the hospital as a result of the assault, and a year later, he filed a lawsuit in order to hold Drake responsible for the medical bills. 

Drake, in what seems to be his first official acknowledgement of the lawsuit, has now reportedly declined to pay Detail's bills, claiming that Chubbs acted in self-defense. Drake contends that Detail knew he was putting himself in danger by showing up at his mansion at 2AM, according to the Daily Mail. Detail had originally claimed that Drake invited him to his place to discuss possibly working together again, as they presumably hadn't met since Detail had passed on his offer. It's Drake's position, though, that Chubbs met Detail with "no more force than was reasonably necessary." 

As it doesn't seem that either party is willing to budge, Detail will likely attempt to push further legal action.