As the divorce between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young heats up, more information is being shared about their multimillion-dollar split. The Aftermath icon and his wife have been married for nearly 25 years and just months ago, it was announced that they've decided to part ways. We reported on the accusations that each party has made against the other, including allegations that Nicole Young won't turn over many of Dr. Dre's possessions. On Thursday (September 3), TMZ reported that Nicole has documented her financial expectations from the divorce, one with $800 million on the line, and it's a number that has left many people floored.

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young, Divorce, Spousal Support
Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

The outlet states that court documents have revealed Nicole is asking for temporary spousal support to the tune of $1,936,399 per month. Additionally, she has requested that the mega-producer take financial responsibility for her $5 million lawyer fees—a staggering number considering the divorce paperwork was only filed a few months ago.

Additionally, TMZ states that Nicole still has full access to all of their luxuries while living in their Malibu home. Dre and Nicole continue to disagree about the alleged prenuptial agreement that she reportedly signed prior to exchanging vows. She contends that he tore it up as a sign of his love, however, he disputes that claim.