Yesterday we saw the new, modest home purchased by Dr. Dre's Aftermath signee and protegee Kendrick Lamar. K. Dot's $540,000 home, which some speculate may be for his family not himself, pales in comparison to the lavish homes of hip-hop super stars like Drake and Rick Ross, nonetheless, it all the more proves that Kendrick is a humble guy who doesn't need the glitz and the glam.

Although Dre doesn't come across as the flashiest rapper/music mogul (such as, let's say, Diddy), his new purchase, a $40 million home, will make Drizzy and Rozay's respective mansions seem like child's play. As we reported in May, Dr. Dre is buying Tom Brady's former mansion, and now we have confirmation and more photos. The billionaire possibly celebrated Apple's purchase of Beats by shelling out a staggering $40 million for the gargantuan home.

The Brentwood, California home boasts five bedroom and nine bathrooms as well as terraces, a gym, balconies, seven fireplaces and multiple garages-- and we're pretty sure that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's 18,298 square feet of space in the home, which itself sits on a four-acre lot.

Take a look at a bunch of photos inside the mansion in the gallery above.