Mike WiLL Made-It has gone from Atlanta's rap underground to working with the biggest pop stars in the business in only a few years time, and he's continued to look bigger even as he's seemingly hit the top. Now mentoring young artists like Rae Sremmurd, Mike is illustrating the difference between a beatmaker and a producer, always remaining attentive to every detail of how a song is constructed, and crafting songs alongside his collaborators rather than simply delivering his half of the music. He's scored countless hits with a variety of artists, but 2016 has seen him doing some of his best and most complex work yet. Over the last few months, he's put out records with Beyonce, Rae Sremmurd, 2 Chainz, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, Future, and many more, and we've decided to highlight the run of hits he's cranked out for those not paying attention. Click through the galleries to see the many songs Mike has been a part of in 2016, and expect even more music from the visionary producer when his new studio album, Ransom 2, arrives later this year.