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DJ Vietnam, One of Hip Hop's greatest mogels has been in the music industry since 2001. By analyzing hustling with the rap game, he introduced a new genre called Grind Rap when he was still a lyricist. Born in a neighborhood called Little Vietnam, located in Northwest Detroit, he saw life through a different perpective. At the age of 8 years old, he was forced to move to Ohio with his parents away from the rest of his family. After residing in Ohio for a for over a decade, Nam served two years out of his four-year term in the United Sates Army. While traveling through the states, he created the blueprint of his stardom fame. He broke down the abbreviation of the second part of his original performance alias, Lil' Vietnam, into the acronym of V Dot Nam, which is Vietnam, Detroit, Ohio, Texas, Northwest, Akron, & Miami. “Keep REAL music in these streets and you will see how the people change for the better.” – Anonymous As of now, Nam owns a multimedia kingdom, Hip Hop Empire Magazine, with a television network, radio station and much more. He built this Empire right at the end of him visually creating The Worldwide Hip Hop Hall of Fame and its graphics including its World logo. With one of the highest titles in the Hip Hop genre, he still remained DJing for Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes before and after. He is building up his achieve by working on various albums and mixtapes with an army of artists within Lifeless Immortal Music Group & Distribution. Besides that, he has done work with artists from all over the world such as Germany, Eygpt, Puerto Rico, United States, etc. and mentors children that required an individual that will listen to them. For promotion, he uses the Hustlematics method to expand artists' fan base. With production and graphic arts/ drafting expertise, Nam is a prime example of a "Jack of All Trades" in simple terms a "Renaissance Man". While stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, he connected with his booking agent/ brother Big Sho' Daz; then started engineering and producing for Cut Throat Entertainment within the same location of Underground Etc. in the heart of Killeen after the passing of Big Rowdy. After Cut Throat split ways, V & Sho' Daz started up Welcome 2 Tho' wd Town (W2TT), known as the OutKast of Texas. V sold 2,000 copies of his first mixtape, "Before Da Show Vol. 1" within the first two weeks of release with Sho' Daz in the surrounding cities. Prior to this, W2TT hosted Da Que Club in Harker Heights, where he first met DJ Chuck T, for two consecutive weeks. After W2TT recorded a total of 19 projects within 18 months, V began to recruit more artists while creating materpeices from his 2 groups: W2TT La Familia & Click Tho' wd. Before his Iraq Training, V caught 5 felonies, which made him look at a sentence of 5-25 years at Fort Knox Military Penitentiary. Luckily with his Medical Discharge prior caused him to recieve a General Under Honorable at the same timing of Cut Throat Entertainment's CEO, J Money, was released from doing Fed Tyme. After the training, he produced “What Must I Say” for SparkDawg & Yung Texxas with Prince Paul on the vocals and expanded his sound with Alternative Rock on "It's Funny" featuring Sho' Daz. Early '07, He became an in-house producer for Atlantic Records after the A&Rs heard the song. Pertaining to the events of this opportunity made him later on start up his own independent record label, GrindHouse Records (GHR). While being the CEO of GrindHouse Records, V started working on the record label's website on his 20th birthday. After touching down to Miami, he completed the entire site which include a community called "GrindMunity". Lauching a booming site, he attracted fans from across the world from countries such as: Italy, Russia, Iceland, Brazil, Venezuela and a whole lot more. In 2008, V Dot used the elements and formula of funk to create "Stupid On Da Bus", afterwards performing it live litterly on the public bus while attending the University of Akron. The artist rooster of GHR consisted of rising talent from Michigan, Texas, Georgia, Washing DC & Ohio. Wreckin Shop in Miami, V has recorded and completed 2 albums: "Diamonds And Dollas Everyday" & "Miami Fresh". Shoot video footage for Miami Fresh: The Movie, which featured Wu-Tang's "Furture Chamber", Big Mike, the 40/ 40 Club and more to be seen. He also created these theme songs: "Fiyah On Da Flo" for Miami Heat, ""Wetter Den Water" for Voss Water, "Dance" for Club Madonna, the hottest club in South Beach. Two (2) day before New Years, V was invited to Diddy's New Years Party by one of his promoters down in South Beach, but he could not make it because of his show in Club Madonna. And all of this happened within less a month. The plan of Nam’s career is to expand music completely, giving the people a choice of what is hot instead of being told what is hot. V’s purpose is to speak wise words, educate, motivate and inspire people across the world, and make our society better and not worse than the one that has just passed. Certain people that perform music professionally only do it for the money, but Nam does it to remain sane in this wicked world. However, money cannot all the time save our future or health, it is up to the artists to reach people through Real Life music. The knowledge that Vietnam speaks isn't just words coming out of a mouth, even when he resting he still remains in the same realm. “Time waits for no man, you gotta get off your a and get that money to get to where you wanna be.” - Vietnam Jones


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