On December 18th, the world celebrated what would’ve been prolific rapper DMX’s 51st birthday by remembering his best moments and mourning how things have changed since his death due to a cocaine-induced heart attack following a relapse earlier this year.

In an interview with The Sun, the New York legend’s lifelong friend DJ Superior has explained what he and the recording artist’s uncle said to X while he was in the hospital in a coma. “I would’ve been so happy if he got up,” Superior recalled.

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“His uncle was on his knees saying, ‘You don’t gotta go get,” he added, then sharing his final words to his friend. “‘Rest man, I got you. I got your kids but you got a lot of kids.’ I think he was looking down laughing at that one.”

Superior also revealed what it was like to see DMX in such a hard state at the end of his life. “It was hard to see him laid out like that, but how I saw it is the world couldn’t hurt him anymore. People were always taking his money, using him, misusing his funds, smiling in his face and then talking bad about him.”

“After he blew up and got the big record deal, the first thing he did was give money to fix a church’s roof,” Superior told The Sun. “It was like $2 million. But the church never got it. Whoever handled the money messed it up.” He went on to say, “X didn’t worship money. It was never about that for him. It’s sad talking about X. We lost a legend. Look the impact DMX had on the world. He came from nothing and built himself up.”

As HipHopDX reports, the “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” rapper left behind a total of 15 children and a fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom, along with countless adoring fans. RIP.

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