Say what you will about DJ Khaled, but the affable mogul has cemented himself among hip-hop's elite, bridging the gap between A&R and producer like no other. With an unwavering dedication to crafting "great music" and nothing else, Khaled's particular brand of hitmaking has made him a trusted source of bangers. Given everything he's helped create, it's easy to forget that the larger-than-life figure spent his formative years as a hip-hop scholar, earning himself the right to be called "DJ" in the first place. Naturally, he's made a long list of connections throughout his journey to the top, legendary figures young and old. 

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Today, Khaled took to Instagram to share an iconic picture of himself and Flava Flav, one of Public Enemy's chief voices. Making sure to "salute the legend" accordingly, Khaled's snaps finds himself and Flav engaging in an evening of celebration. It's not the first time Flav and Khaled have crossed paths; the pair previously connected on the set of Fat Joe's "So Much More" video shoot, shot way back in 2005.

Check out the pictures below, and sound off - has Khaled earned the right to be deemed a legend? And more importantly, do you think he binge-watched Flava Of Love during its initial airing?