DJ Carnage is an EDM DJ at heart but the majority of his most popular tracks, including "I Like Tuh") have been rap songs. It looks like this trend will continue -- In his new HNHH interview, he mentioned that he's got a new project planned with G-Eazy.

"Me and G are coming out with a project," he said. "That's gonna be sick. Just me and him."

Carnage is ramping up for his debut album Papi Gordo. G-Eazy's sophomore album When It's Dark Out drops on December 4th, and just announced his world tour with A$AP Ferg. They have previously linked up on such crazy tracks as "Loaded." "I Like Tuh" was originally supposed to be a Young Gerald single.

"I'm the only person that G will feel comfortable hopping on a complete wacky banger tune," Carnage explained. "We're gonna lock ourselves in to a place and work for a week and make just bangers out the ass. The internet will love that one."

He also teased a "massive song" dropping soon with The Section Boyz. "The internet's gonna love that one."

Sounds like the internet's gonna love all the Carnage coming soon.