In the heat of Nicki Minaj calling out men in the media who she claims spread false narratives about her, the rapper named Joe Budden, Charlamagne Tha God, and DJ Akademiks. The tension between Nicki and Akademiks isn't new as she's previously addressed him over what she said was incorrect first-week sales reports for her album Queen last year.

The "Megatron" rapper mentioned Akademiks during her recent conversations with Budden, calling him Budden's sidekick in the process, and it didn't take long for the social media star to respond to the accusations against him. Akademiks was on his Twitch channel and took a moment to address the controversy, starting off by telling Budden to cut the dialogue about Nicki's beef with him and ask the important questions.

"Ask her about Drake. Ask her why the f*ck is her music flopping," he said. "'Megatron' went on the charts and fell the f*ck off in four weeks." He added that she can't stay on the charts unless she's on someone's remix. He also said that he's petty, and the best thing Nicki could do is leave his name out of her mouth. If she doesn't, every time she releases a song, he will track it and then detail when it falls off the charts.

The rant continues for about 25 minutes and had a compliment or two sprinkled in there. He did say that Nicki is an exceptional rapper but added that her music isn't that great. "You can rap better than Cardi, but Cardi making better songs," he said. "When you engage with me, I have the right to speak about your music failures, and you have a lot, Nicki. You are a queen or a legend, I can never take that from you, but right now, you are drowning."

He also mentioned that he's not "team" anyone or siding with one rapper over another. "I'm the n*gga who will give the same energy to Yung Bans as I would give to Nicki Minaj. I promise you that."