The digital cover initiative continues today, as we release our latest cover story with singer-of-the-moment Ty Dolla $ign. Ty has made massive strides since his House on the Hill/Beach House days, and everything culminates today with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, Free TC. There were a few delays along the way, but Ty came through (and we did too, amirite?). 

After heading to New Orleans for our last cover with Curren$y, we kept things at home base for Ty Dolla. The West Coast native made a trip to the East Coast, where we kept him busy for a day of shooting at our NYC office, with photographer Elijah Dominique. Elijah created impactful, black and white portrait shots of Ty, while Ty made sure to keep a joint or three rolled through out the shoot. His eyes drooped further and further as the day wore on.

Our writer Danny also spent a day with Ty while he was out in NYC to bring this story to life, digging into Ty's musical past and snapshotting the singer's current mindset (in summation, Ty has a three-track mind: music, family, and approximately ten bad bitches).

We're kinda excited. Read the full story here. Cop FreeTC on iTunes.

Catch our BTS video from Ty's shoot below.