Diddy Talks On Forbes List, G.Dep's Murder Conviction & Mase

Diddy talked to Funkmaster Flex about coming in number one on the Forbes' wealthiest hip-hop artists list, G. Dep and Mase.

Diddy stopped by Hot 97 to visit Funkmaster Flex on Wednesday, and discussed a number of things which has kept him in the news recently, including topping the Forbes' wealthiest hip-hop moguls list, former Bad Boy G.Dep's recent guilty verdict and Ma$e

Read what Diddy said below.

On beating out Jay-Z for the number one spot on the Forbes List:

"I’m usually at No. 1.Our plan was to always flip-flop on it. This was the year I told him that we had to flop it back to its original owner. We push each other, we inspire each other. It’s just a beautiful relationship of natural competitiveness. But you know, it’s back at Bad Boy."

On G.Dep:

"I was like, ‘Wow’," Diddy told Flex. "None of that was in G. Dep’s nature. When there were certain things that he was going through with the substance abuse situation, he’d be a different person, but on an every day [basis], he was probably one of the nicest, most quietest, shyest, most humble cats that were out there. It was just so out of his character that it was mind-blowing. "

"After the main announcement, I had heard that he had retracted his confession," Diddy continued. "I said, ‘Okay, maybe he was under the influence when he confessed.’ Then out of nowhere, they said he was convicted and it’s a shame because he’s such a great talent and it all kind of stemmed from substance abuse."

On Ma$e:

"Me and Ma$e are cool. We’ve kept in touch over the years. I love Ma$e. If it wasn’t for Ma$e, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Me and him were like Batman and Robin. It felt good to get back on a record with him."




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