Deniro Farrar "Classic Mouth" Video

Danny Schwartz
November 01, 2016 15:05

Deniro Farrar's stunning "Classic Mouth" is a searing indictment of police brutality.

On his new song "Classic Mouth" Deniro Farrar's voice brims with indignation at the never-ending stream of police officers shooting unarmed black men. Farrar's fury is breathtaking, as is the music video, which follows a cop who chases him through an empty train yard with foul intentions.

“On December 24, 2015, a rapper from my city by the name of Daquan Antonio Westbrook aka Lil Donky was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer,” Farrar told Vibe. “I made this video a few weeks before he was killed. I sent it to him and he told me how real it was. Little did he or myself know that this video would be telling his story. But he’s not the only one. It’s been so many police officers wrongfully killing our people for centuries."

Quotable Lyrics

So we ride just to fall
shoot us down while we crawl
Throw us up against the wall
because they don’t give a fuck about you
And they don’t give a fuck about me
So it’s fuck the police,

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Deniro Farrar "Classic Mouth" Video