De La Soul Songs

  • Cover of De La Soul - Vocabulary Spills
    "I kick a skill like Shaquille holds a pill / Vocabulary spills, I'm Ill - plus Matic / I freak beats, slam it like Iron Sheik / Jam like a TEC with correct techniques." 
  • Cover of De La Soul - The People  Feat. Chuck D
    Two legendary forces in hip-hop connect today to deliver a socially conscious anthem over a funky soundtrack, "The People." Chuck D encourages everyone to come together in face of society's ills, a message that seems especially relevant in the wake of the protests in Ferguson and the injustice of Mike Brown's death.
  • Cover of De La Soul - Dilla Plugged In  (Prod. By J. Dilla)
    The other week for Valentine's Day De La Soul decided to let go their entire catalogue for free download via their website. That alone was generous enough, but when some fans didn't receive their download in a timely manner, De La Soul offered an apology in song-form for that, "Sorry/Thank You."
  • Cover of De La Soul - Thank You/Sorry
    De La Soul were extremely generous last Friday (Valentine's Day) when they decided to open up their entire catalogue to fans free of charge. For a period of 25 hours fans across the world could download whatever they pleased via De La Soul's website.
  • Cover of De La Soul - O' Shut Up
    Today De La Soul gave us some new music to digest, with the release of a BitTorrent bundle comprising of a eleven new mixtape cuts (all with vintage J. Dilla production), an audio letter, a J. Dilla documentary and some wallpapers. The mixtape Smell The DA.I.S.Y. is available for download on HNHH here.
  • Cover of De La Soul - Vocabulary Spills (Remix)  Feat. Consequence
    De La Soul have been generous these past few months, first offering up their entire discography for free download, and then following it up with a brand new mixtape, once again for free, using strictly J. Dilla beats.
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