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Underrated, Hated, Loved, Independant, & Orignal is 5 Words To Describe D-Crisis!!! Known For Uplifiting Move Music & Speaking Of Truth, Been Doing His Thang For 11 years!!! D-Crisis Says "I started off In The Genre Horrorcore, & I find Myself Not Really Proud Of What I was Doing & Saying, I want to Prove To People I Can Do All Diffrent Kinds of Styles & Get Down On All Diffrent Kinds Of Concepts.... Ive Worked With Many Artists, From Horrorcore, To Underground Hip Hop & Local Cats in NC" D-Crisis Love For Music Has Always Been 100%!! Influenced By Alot Of 90's Hip Hop & Underground Bands!!! He Has Appeared on Several Underground Mixtapes & Worked with MCs that Reside in Diffrent States!!!! Even Tho D-Crisis Is Kinda Slept On, He Still Brings Everything to The Table, With Lyrics, Multis, Straight Concepts, & Delivery!!!! "I Freestyle When I Get Me A Little Buzz Goin On, But Its Not That Great, But Ive Been Known to Surprise My Self With Some Of The Crazy Lines I Spit" says D-Crisis, "My Main Goal In This Rap Game Is To Bring Real Lyrics To This New Style Of Rap, Because I feel Most MCs Are Mic Abusers, & Dont Try to There Best".D-Crisis brings My Heart, Soul, Anger, Happiness, All Diffrent kinds of Emotion To The Mic As Well. "Now I can get down on a sad beat, But I couldnt do alot of sad songs, I feel the world is filled with Problems & People want a Release, Some of That Good Shit to Vibe 2, Layed Back & Hyped Up Songs, & Truth To say your "AMEN's" 2 Na Mean (Laughs)" "Ive Witness Alot of Ignorance On The Earth We Live In, N I dont Plan on Bringing Anything Negative Or Ignorant To the Surface Cuz Theres Enough Of That" D-Crisis Has also Been Known For Being the HOOKMAN for the Many Catchy Hooks He Has Written, "I Try to Catch Ya Ear ya Know, & I feel if Im diggin it then Somebody Has to" D-Crisis In The Progress Of Building a Fanbase, Releasing Free Albums & Doing Collaborations!!! "Im a Little Into Making Graphics Also" I advise you to Please Keep In Touch With D-Crisis, It Can Only Get Better From Here!!!!


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